Dave gives each student feedback and guidance

Because a maximum of eight students can enrol for the hands-on course, Dave spends a large amount of time with each student. He gives each student advice, direction, and tips so the student can improve upon the various notches they have produced. Some cuts are easier than others! Each notch has a specific purpose that varies depending on the slope of the ground and the lean of the tree.

Only when a student is satisfied with the quality of their cuts do they ask Dave to evaluate their work. Dave records his evaluation on the student?s worksheet. If Dave identifies too many errors in the cuts, and based on the student?s experience and proficiency thus-far, Dave believes the student can do better, Dave will suggest the student keep trying. This cycle is repeated throughout the hands-on portion of the course.

After the students have worked on their own for a while, Dave will gather the group together to discuss what he has witnessed amongst the group?s work. He counsels them on commonly-encountered mistakes, discusses the deductions from their score that would have resulted had a particular cut been submitted for marking, provides tips/tricks that will help them ascertain the required depth of a cut, reminders about key measurements, etc.

Other aspects of the course