Other aspects of the course

Once each student has completed, to their satisfaction, their notches, and Dave has evaluated those notches, the students return to the shop-setting to maintain their chainsaws. This is a great opportunity to see the inner workings of a chainsaw and to inspect the components that allowed the chainsaw to perform during the hands-on portion of the course. Students learn the parts that must be oiled and cleaned regularly thus assuring the chainsaw?s owner that the chainsaw is being used properly, is working efficiently, is cutting precisely, and will last, it is hoped, beyond the chainsaw?s warranty-lifetime. In this portion of the course, Dave discusses the symptoms and the implications of a too-tight or a too-loose chain, and he describes the symptoms of improper chainsaw-use that will lead to unnecessary replacement-chain or -chainbar expense.

As a final learning opportunity, students next write a 25-question multiple-choice test. Dave takes each student?s mark on their test into consideration (along with the student?s performance in the hands-on portion of the course), as he decides what designation the student has earned.

Lastly, Dave meets one-on-one with each student to provide overall feedback on the student?s performance and to offer any suggestions that may help the student fine-tune their skills. Dave gives each student a temporary card that indicates their designation level. Students then complete a course evaluation that Dave forwards to the AWTA along with a formal approval of the student?s designation-achievement. The AWTA will, within a few weeks, send each registered student a laminated, permanent wallet-sized card that the student can offer to an employer to prove they completed a course in the skills required to use a chainsaw proficiently. (Note: It is the responsibility of an employer to ensure competency.)

Students learn how to clean and maintain their chainsaw

Students take a multiple-choice test to help Dave assess whether or not they have learned the theory they need to effectively function with their chainsaw